Some perspective from 35 weeks and counting...
  1. I thought I could close my eyes, make a wish, and make it happen.
    It didn't. Getting there is half the battle.
  2. I thought I would be walking on eggshells for 40 weeks
    I went from walking on eggshells in the first trimester to walking only in sneakers in the third.
  3. I thought I'd freak out about every little ache, pain, symptom, and unknown.
    Trust your body! Also- the only time Google symptom search doesn't lead to a cancer diagnosis is when you add "pregnant" to the end of your query. Then, everything is fair game.
  4. I thought I would gain weight everywhere from my ears to my toes and roll away.
    This basketball keeps getting bigger but the rest of me hasn't. Phew!
  5. I thought my skin would glow.
    And that I could wear 5" heels, fancy maternity work attire, and be glamorous every day. However- I never did those things before I got pregnant, so not sure why I thought I'd start as soon as I started gaining weight.
  6. I thought I would be terrified of birth.
    I went from being in denial about how babies are born, to wanting an epidural in the parking lot, to (somewhat) looking forward to game day. This one may call for a separate list.
  7. I thought I would finally look older (or at least look my age).
    Instead I just look like a knocked up 18 year old. - which doesn't bode well when you work on a college campus.
  8. I thought I might never be.
    Celiac really fucks with your body. At least it did with mine. I'm thankful for the blessing of being pregnant every single day. It may not be all rainbows and unicorns but it is magical.