Meet My Cat, Swiffer

He's a sweet, manipulative, paraplegic six-year-old who would shank you if he got a box of cat food in return. It's a good thing he doesn't have opposable thumbs.
  1. Handsome, yes.
    Also, has very persistent meow. Loud, so loud.
  2. And also paraplegic.
    When he was a kitten, he fell out of a window. His back, front paw and jaw were broken. His owners went all out to save him. It wasn't clear he was paralyzed from the waist down until all the swelling went down. He got hydrotherapy. He turned out not to care much and purred at everything. The only thing he can't do is pee by himself.
  3. And that's how we got him.
    His owners couldn't give him the care he needed after two years. So for the past four years I have been co-caring for him with my best friend (who happens to be the vet who saved him).
  4. The way to get into his heart is to feed him.
    Food = love
  5. Helping him pee is easy to learn but you have to do it at least two times a day.
    We've recruited friends to learn it as well, just in case there is an emergency.
  6. His upper body is incredibly strong and he can easily hoist himself up the stairs, or onto a chair to hang out.
    He often manipulates me into carrying him up the stairs, though.
  7. After three years his walk started to improve.
    He can walk but he looks drunk doing it. And since two years he has gotten control over his tail back.
  8. Now feed me.
    He is currently on a diet. He needs to be slim, because he's literally often dragging himself around. He needs to be monitored around feeding time because he bullies the other cats for their food.