Requested by Brett 7

One Childhood Memory I Would Go Back and Relive

Thanks for the inspiration, @BWN_7
  1. Every summer from ages 7 to 12 I got to spend two weeks during summer at my godmother's house in the country.
    We lived in a city so spending time exploring a seemingly unending stretch of fields, trees, ditches and streams was amazing.
  2. There was a tree house, well technically. It wasn't built in a tree, but more around a tree.
    It had a built in bench and table and it smelled of wood and fresh earth. Spiders enjoyed it as much as I did.
  3. The garden had a pear tree that was big enough to sit in.
    I'd sometimes try to read a book in it. Unfortunately for me it wasn't comfortable at all. So reading in there was more of a statement. Good for developing a sense of (literal) balance.
  4. The neighbors next door had a dairy farm.
    I pretended not to be scared of the cows. They are massive beasts. They are also massively gentle. So really nothing to be afraid of in hindsight.
  5. I wish I could spend an afternoon, back in time, in that uncomfortable tree.
    It was the best.