I take my case and notebook everywhere, like a jerk.
  1. Three different kinds of red pens
    For editing my own texts. When I edit for students I use a pen with friendlier green ink. 😑
  2. One yellow marker
    Don't care what brand it is.
  3. TWBSI fountain pen
    Has never let me down. Not expensive and looks nice too.
  4. Two pencils, one B, one 2B
    Staedtler Mars Lumograph all the way
  5. Two different black pens, of which the Mitsubishi uni-ball is most important
    Uni-ball 4 lyfe.
  6. One eraser and one pencil sharpener
  7. Five different kinds of lip balm
    I cannot stop buying lip balm.
  8. One (chewed on) green pen.
    For student papers.