Things people have asked me after they asked what I do for a living.

I'm an architectural historian. Confusion and misunderstanding are inevitable.
  1. Have you built anything I know?
    Ah yes, you think I'm an architect. Sorry but l, I don't design or build anything. I write about architecture and I analyze it in its historical context. ...Hello? 💤💤💤
  2. Why don't architects just build like they used to when buildings were pretty.
    You mean back in Ancient Greece? Did you know that the Ancient Greeks said the exact same thing? "What's with all these marble columns?!", is what Cleomenes I was overheard saying at several official functions.
  3. Does that make any money?
    Maybe my fellow Dutch people are just exceptionally weird when it comes to this, but I've had people ask me this at least a dozen times.
  4. Do you have a favorite building?
    Ah so many buildings! But some not for their looks but for their stories. I love anything by Luis Barragán, see pretty still exists even without a column!
  5. So what do you do?
    I wrangle students and in the time left over, I do research.