Spring is in full swing and soon parties and long outdoor dinners will be upon us... How to be THAT guy.... You know the one...
  1. Dress the part! Don't worry about over dressing wear something that make you feel great ! Don't be afraid to make it your own.. Your fave color or a great piece ... (Accent your best features)
  2. Show up! If you are there, engage like its the place you most like to be at this moment. Take charge of conversation of you need but make sure you make room for others.
  3. Listen to people. Hear what people are saying without thinking what you want to say next. Listening shows confidence. Talking too much shows insecurities . Ask questions ... It shows interest.
  4. Don't be afraid to speak your mind. Make sure u know what you are taking about and what you say is clear.
  5. Introduce people that don't knew each other if you know one of them. List their highest accomplishment and their best trait. Never boast about your own , let others do it.
  6. Make sure you engage the host and thank them for the invite. Don't corner them though .. You are not the only guest .
  7. Have fun. And if you are not , pretend too!