Things I'd said I'll do but still haven't done because "I have all the time in the world to do it."

  1. Visit the Louvre
    It was even more true cause I lived near by for almost 2 years and I procrastinated it everyday at that time. And now it's too late, cause I live 15 minutes away from it.
  2. Direct the short movie I started to write in college
    Every time I read it I find something to modify and it's never good enough. What can I say? I'm a perfectionist! What?! Afraid? Naaaa!
  3. Pass my driving licence.
    I know I am almost 30, but I don't have time okay?! Plus I live in Paris, who needs a car here? Plus... Uber.
  4. Diets
    Do I really need an explanation on that one ?