What French people feel on li.st

those are supposed to be GIF ! help
  1. When we discovered the app http://gph.is/ZfOG6L
  2. A few minutes later
  3. How we feel compared to the rest of our nation
  4. When we have a great idea about a new list we're sure nobody thought about
    And I am pretty sure it's gonna be the case for this one too. Right @Lisa_Fav? @solena?
  5. Li.st when we're asleep
  6. Li.st when we are awake.
  7. When we get a number of followers which we never had and never will on any other social network
  8. When sometimes we invent a list just to tag someone
  9. When this someone somehow liked our list
  10. When we tell our colleagues BJ did liked our list
  11. How we may feel in a while
    Let's face it, soon Li.st is gonna be too famous .