paranoia list about or how to see conspiracy everywhere
  1. BJ had the idea to create in the middle of a blank page moment
    He might have turned to @dev and say "what if we create an app where hundreds of writers would come to publish freely their idea and we would just have to steal it from them ?" That would explain why he made this list today : Things that inspire me when I'm blocked cause nothing of what he said worked on me.
  2. Mindy Kaling had to publish lists but she did not want to
    She knows we all read her book. She wrote she likes lists so now the app exist it's like a dream comes true, we suppose. Plus BJ is her friend and maybe she didn't want to hurt his feelings. So now she is the only famous actress here, stucked and harassed by fans on every lists and comments, and she can't escape.
  3. was a secret weapon launched on Google
    When you are really addicted to you have no choice to get a new iPhone to enjoy the real experience like the Gif!
  4. was financed by Netflix
    It would be easy for them to see what shows to buy based on the most listed about. Plus they still haven't got an account yet...weird...