Based on the movies. (For @hkath )
  1. Mrs. Lynde. (Patricia Hamilton)
    For movies with an extraordinary cast, I don't really like this casting, but we can't have Avonlea without Mrs Lynde! "Oh, my afternoon is spoiled!"
  2. Josie Pye. (Miranda de Pencier)
    What's a series without a nemesis? We need her so we know Anne is jealous. 😄This casting is great for jealous, snarky, Josie. "You new dress is rather becoming, Anne, really, you look almost pretty in it."
  3. Miss Stacy. (Marilyn Lightstone)
    Best teacher ever. "True friends are always together in spirit."
  4. Diana Barry. (Schuyler Grant)
    What's life without our bosom friend? I'm not always convinced by Schuyler Grant here, which is why she's not higher up, but, she's gorgeous in those montages. "You never failed at anything, Anne Shirley."
  5. Aunt Josephine. (Charmion King)
    I love this snarky old broad. An independent lady of means as a mentor for Anne-girl. "You amuse me. And precious little amuses me at my age."
  6. Mrs. Margaret Harris. (Wendy Hiller)
    (Emmaline's grandmother.) An older woman even more snarky and set in her ways than Aunt Josephine. The casting her is brilliant. "My husband never ate anyone--dead or alive."
  7. Matthew Cuthbert. (Richard Farnsworth)
    Oh, Matthew. He's the reason we meet our girl, and his "interfering" and charm give this film half its heart. "Puffed sleeves."
  8. Marilla Cuthbert. (Colleen Dewhurst)
    Marilla's transformation from dry and humorless to warm and loving is slow and lovely. Her early exasperation with Anne is believable, which makes her later closeness with Anne that much more touching. "I think you may be a kindred spirit after all."
  9. Gilbert Blythe. (Jonathan Crombie)
    Who else could play Gilbert? Jonathan Crombie brought all the spunk and twinkle needed to this also very earnest character. L.M. Montgomery wrote a real dreamboat in sweet, supportive, enduring, FEMINIST, Gilbert. "Carrots." 💖
  10. Anne Shirley. (Megan Follows)
    If she wasn't perfect, we wouldn't buy it. Or watch it again and again. This fanciful, intelligent, stubborn, ambitious girl is wonderfully portrayed here. So hard to pick just one quote, but--"Plum puffs won't minister to a mind diseased."