I wish Shakespeare had a quip about nagging.
  1. Grading sucks, y'all.
    Come on.
  2. Migraines ruin everything.
    They're vascular. They're evil.
  3. Did YOU do YOUR homework?!
    Huh?! HUH?!
  4. Remember Peer Review?
    And how you graded 2 essays in 2 hours? ... Yeah.
  5. Honestly, Brunch was more important to me.
  6. Hey! It was MY Thanksgiving Break, too!
  7. I have other work to do for you guys.
    Planning, reading, research, figuring out how to find the computer lab...
  8. Poetry comes 1st.
  9. I fell down a binge-watching rabbit hole.
    Have any of you watched Jessica Jones? OMG.