Only Vaguely spoilery
  1. Man, everyone is Hott.
    I mean, it's television--but, srsly.
  2. Krysten Ritter's eyes are amazing.
    And I've been paying attention at least since she showed up on Gilmore Girls.
  3. How many people are upset that David Tennant is the bad guy?
  4. Can a guy who likes purple be all bad?
    Come ON.
  5. I want to write an essay about how women cheat at the same rates as men now.
    Because it's about money and power. *snaps*
  6. Wow. THAT is obsessive.
  7. Holy shit!
  8. Uh, I think the show has killed more people than Game of Thrones.
    And I'm not even done with the first season.
  9. Nobody is getting their deposit back.
  10. No! Wait! Shit! UGH! So...? And...? Ok.