1. Does it always rain when I go to Union Square?
    I mean, srsly?
  2. Yes, buy tix before dinner.
    Learned that the hard way. Over and over.
  3. It's a spicy coconut soup kind of night.
  4. We need the check. We need the check. We need the check.
    We need the check. For a place that filled my water glass every time I took a sip and whisked away plates the second we were done, they did NOT want to bring us the check. 😊
  5. This is chaos.
    What are all these lines for?!
  6. I'm actually glad they checked my bag? But man. What a day to check bags.
  7. I'm glad I still snuck my candy bar in.
    Assault with a deadly chocolate bar.
  8. This theater is PACKED.
    Two up top? Uh, no. Two right...? No.
  9. I have not been to a new movie in a prime location at a prime time in HOW long?
    This movie is SOLD OUT. And I mean, they are not kidding about SOLD OUT.
  10. I love that Michael B. Jordan.
    Texas forever.
  11. Man. We are CLOSE. I'm looking straight up everyone's nose.
    And everyone's nose is bleeding.