I've been fired from almost every non-entertainment related job I've ever had. Which is scary because I often think I'd be really great at other jobs- but this list is a reminder that that is false.
  1. Summer camp counselor (twice)
    Both times for smoking cigarettes during the day. My dad to this day believes it was for drugs. This was especially traumatic because I went to camp for 13 years and being fired (and sent home on a bus/alone) felt pointed.
  2. Dog walking (first job I got in LA)
    I loved this job! But I was an unreliable employee. Always rescheduling walks to make it to Santa Monica for a commercial audition. I also didn't care too much about being super descriptive in my notes post walk to the dog owner.
  3. Waitressing
    I really enjoyed this job too. The owner of the restaurant was a former soap star and occasionally fans would come in looking for her. She also asked me to help her get commercial rep. I got fired because my friend came in and he ordered a burger and a coke. I ordered both- but deleted the coke off the bill as if to say "it's on me". Management didn't appreciate that.
  4. Lululemon
    First job out of theatre school. We got to take as much free yoga classes as we wanted. I also couldn't afford the clothes without the employee discount. But the job was stealing my soul so I wrote a Facebook rant about it. Never saying where I worked but dissecting the people who shopped and "spandex culture" in general. They read it and told me I was "inauthentic" because I seemed very happy at work. I cried.
  5. Cocktail waitress
    This was a terrible job. The owner was Greek and loved breaking plates when he got excited/drunk/high enough and I was very resentful about this habit. Esp since we were a cocktail bar and didn't even have plates. So he brought them in to break. Which seemed very wasteful. I stormed out after a customer told me "Hitler was right" and I asked the boss to make him leave but he refused. I walked out in the middle of my shift but came back the next day to drop off the money I had in my pouch.