1. I feel like Mariska is European but I know she's American. She feels very classic and current simultaneously- oh shit what's happening
  2. Yup, she for sure deserves to be the highest paid actress on TV. She's so good
  3. Oh man I'd give such good closing arguments if I were a lawyer
  4. The bad guy always loses. This is comforting
  5. Oh this is ripped from the headlines and I know exactly what headline. I know current events = I feel good about myself
  6. Bad casting on bad guy
  7. I think Mariska and I could be friends. Ugh this is exactly what they want me to think. I'm a drone
  8. I wonder how cold they are right now it's a night shoot in NYC. It must be freezing. That's why they are all wearing those hats. That's nice of wardrobe. It's probably not the worst. It's not Canada, but it's still middle of the night. It's for sure super cold and uncomfortable.
  9. Do I love that law and order sound cue or have I been conditioned to like it? How do I know what I like anymore? I've watched 4 episodes in a row and now I'm going to bed