And other life lessons
  1. The more shots you take, the more confident you become
    Micheal Jordan said it and I agree. "You only miss the shots you don't take". Not taking a shot only makes your next opportunity that much scarier and filled with pressure. Alleviate the pressure by trying every chance you can.
  2. Screaming will get you attention but not necessarily the right kind of attention
    Screaming is a good distraction, but let's focus on upping your skill instead of instilling fear and/or shock in the other players/people in your life.
  3. When scared, face your fear.
    Sure, a ball flying to your head can be scary. But you know what's scarier? Closing your eyes and getting nailed in the head.
  4. The refs are on your side
    Not all authority figures are bad guys. Be discerning. Use judgement and reason.
  5. Playing dirty is bad
    Play fair. Good guys win in the end. Not necessarily points wise, but life wise. Bad guys have to live with themselves for the rest of their lives. :(
  6. Nothin wrong with healthy competition
    Just try to be better than you were the last time and you won't get caught up in comparing yourself with others which can be boring and truly a life suck.
  7. In the end eat pizza
    Because duh.