My ex boyfriend used to write down what I said while I slept talked.
  1. "Was the wife Kate Winslet?"
  2. "Why did you draw on my MacBook? What is wrong with you?"
  3. "I'm not a show pony!"
  4. "Don't worry it's the good kind of blood."
  5. "He's way too Jewish to be a Scientologist"
  6. "No more fucking photo bucket at Don Mills and Steeles"
  7. "You make your own hairspray?"
  8. "Mommy let go of my wrist"
  9. "Is poppa here? There he is."
  10. "I'll take an espresso please. Extra spicy."
  11. "There's a snake in the bed."
  12. "Where do pearls come from?"
  13. "I'll kill you in my sleep."
    This is layered.