Donuts give me life
  1. Yeast donut with chocolate icing
    A classic, and #1 in my heart/stomach. Publix Bakery hands down has the best chocolate iced donut.
  2. Old fashioned/Sour cream donut
    Either chocolate or blueberry glazed. Extremely satisfying comfort food. Best place to get them: Lamar's.
  3. Glazed
    THE classic donut. Best place to get them: The Donut Shoppe or Hinkley's Bakery (Best glazed twist: Bill's Donuts in Centerville, OH)
  4. Apple fritter
    Akin to pie, donuts are best filled with apple. Best fritter: HINKLEY'S BAKERY. Honorary mention: Publix and South Dining Hall
  5. Cruellers
    An under appreciated donut. Best place to get them: Publix Bakery
  6. Long Johns (with icing)
    Not a ginormous fan of these but they definitely deserve a spot on this list. Best place to get them: still up for debate.
  7. Adventure Donuts
    Anything from Voodoo or the like