A photo series; Freedom Tour continued:
  1. (.)(.) x2
    @brynelle and @bailey flew down to hot and humid Jacksonville, FL to visit me after being physically separated for 6 months because of study abroad. Thank you for a bomb time and for everything you are.
  2. First stop: beach!
    Real first stop was my living room where we spent the entire first evening watching the Tonys (@hamilton @glasses)
  3. Discovering the joy of Maple Street biscuits
  4. C1 | saturation
    St. Augustine
  5. Bailey's classic chocolate/peanut butter combo in milkshake form
    Costeau's, St. Augustine
  6. $4 star fruit and horchata Popsicles because we're #worthit
    Hyppo, St. Augustine
  7. "Brunch bishhh" -Bailey
    B Matthews, Savannah
  8. $2 lattes
    The Coffee Fox, Savannah
  9. Artist: @brynelle
    Attempt at drawing each other without looking at the page
  10. Artist: me
    Not pictured: t shirt dress and phone open to
  11. A necessary afternoon lay
    Riverside (Jax)
  12. Sunset-ing
  13. Makings of a good time
    Where they introduce me to the Bachelorette and unREAL
  14. Couldn't send Brynelle back to her mother without some new ombré
  15. Au revoir, b*itches!