1. Socks and sandals
    A staple in my wardrobe and currently wearing them rn
  2. Colin Firth and any movie
    Love. Him.
  3. Hamilton and pregames
    Oh you know this would get me pumped like NO OTHER
  4. @brynelle and Tinder
    Twenty fun and flirty like no one I have ever seen. See list "TINDERING IN CANADA: BABY'S FIRST TINDER" BABY'S FIRST TINDER
  5. Coffee and donuts
    I will never say no to some @timhortons dark roast and a good old-fashioned donut
  6. Coffee and chocolate
    Mostly in terms of ice cream/gelato combos
  7. Chocolate and PB
    I am allergic to peanut butter but I know many people who enjoy it and @bailey swears on this
  8. Ben's Pretzels and ND football games
    Two of the best things in the entire world