Puking is an activity that I dislike VERY much but it does happen every once in a while, c'est la vie, amirite
  1. If I do end up puking it's after I sit down for a while and then it* hits me
  2. And then there's about an hour of periodic puking until my stomach is empty
  3. It is incredibly diverse in color, texture, etc.
  4. One time it was clear liquids, with salad bits, and then eventually just clear liquids
    I'm assuming this is basically the reason this list has been requested by @bailey who absolutely hates puke but had to experience this firsthand
  5. One time it kind of looked like and had the consistency like ginger dressing even though I had eaten nothing resembling that beforehand
  6. Sometimes I don't ever tell people when I'm about to puke and just go off on my own and deal with it bc it's gross
  7. Sorry for my puke