It's taken me more than 20 years to get to it but I am here and I am loving it
  1. Mrs. Bennet sounds like my mom
    "Are you dating anyone?" "you really haven't met anybody?" "you know I expect grandchildren, right?"
  2. Mr. Bennet is one cool dude
  3. Mr. Bingley sounds boring
    Probably smokin hot, but still boring
  4. Mr. Darcy at the first party HOW RUDE
    However, I've seen Bridget Jones' Diary and remember/favor that adaptation over the Keira Knightly version so I can't help but imagine him as Colin Firth which automatically makes him more likable to me especially with the foreknowledge of what is to occur
  5. Wow good for Jane wife dat up
    Even though, as a female millennial of the 21st century, I obviously find other things in life desirable and fulfilling but just happy that she's happy
  6. I like Elizabeth and Charlotte's friendship
  7. Good on Elizabeth for walking to see Jane
  8. Miss Bingley is such a little twat
  9. Lydia is spunky wow, ygg
  10. Can Mrs. Bennet just CHILL she ruins everything
  11. Mr. Collins is annoying af
  12. Oh no Mrs. Bennet, no you DIDN'T
    Promising your daughter for marriage without her knowledge are you FOR REAL
  13. Ooo Wickham is Hugh Grant right? Despise him.
  14. I love every conversation/interaction between Elizabeth and Darcy
    I know how this ends but not the in between part and I am a SUCKER for a good love story
  15. I can't possibly continue this list it's too long already but I love this book and just know that I am rooting for Darcy bc he's Colin Firth (and I love his love that he denies but can't help for Elizabeth and how he is not very capable of expressing it in a normal fashion)