Assuming this list was requested because I eat breakfast everyday, even before early-morning classes. Also it's actually the only kind of food I can cook, I'm hopeless when it comes to anything else.
  1. Bacon and/or sausage links
    THICK CUT BACON DON'T CHEAP OUT ON ME PLEASE. And if you can't feel the grease when eating your links it's not worth it.
  2. Eggs
    a spinach and cheese omelet or fried eggs mmmm
  3. Champagne
    Not a huge fan of orange juice but might as well start the day off bubbly! This is not something I normally do actually, but in Hungary they literally drink everyday all day soooooo
  4. Waffles or French toast
    Ooo honey
  5. Sunlight streaming through windows or tree leaves
    I love morning
  6. An inspiring article to get me going for the day
  7. Coffee