Yes, let's
  1. I cannot tell you how much I love these movies
  2. The trilogy as one entity is in my top three favorite movies of all time
    If I had to choose, Before Sunrise is my favorite because in that one Céline was my age when I first watched it and I identify the most with them during this point in their lives. Also, their train is coming from Budapest, which has a very special place in my heart.
  3. I cried during all of them
    Of course
  4. A startling high percentage of people respond to the question "have you seen Before Sunrise?" with "no"
  5. And this is just sad
  6. Because I think it has the power to single-handedly restore your faith in LOVE, particularly the romantic kind (if it needs restoring)
    Not that I ever didn't believe in it WE ALL DESERVE IT AMIRITE
  7. So the first thing about the movies that you should know is that it's literally all dialogue
    Thx Richard Linklater
  8. But it is so intriguing
  9. And it's not just a fairy tale or a typical rom com, they talk about real stuff and have to make actual, adult decisions when it comes to their relationship and their own lives
  10. And it's so beautiful because you get to see how both Jesse and Céline each change as individuals and how their relationship changes over time because each movie is about 9 years apart
    And came out 9 years apart, again @richardlinklater @boyhood @dedication
  11. I'm 21 and, therefore, have not known anyone in my life for a span of 27 years so this is very interesting to me
  12. Also I just love to observe people and relationships and this exactly that
  13. Watching two people love each other/loving another person/being loved are some of the most beautiful experiences you can have during your life on this planet JUST SAYING
  15. Is that sufficient @bailey ?