Ily math, ily quantifying
  1. 0
    The number of donuts I've had
  2. 1
    number of times I accidentally arranged my photos for critique in the vague shape of a p*enis
  3. 2
    number of times I've cried today (disclaimer: every remotely sad movie ever makes me cry and I watched Denali and The Theory of Everything while emotional and sleep deprived)
  4. 3
    The number of times I've peed in the past hour. Also the number of pot stickers I had at dinner tonight.
  5. ~6
    number of times I've listened to Burn from Hamilton since waking up this morning/approximately the number of dollars I spent on gelato
  6. 10
    drafts I currently have in the List App
  7. 31
    tabs open in my browser
  8. 100
    percent sure I got pregnant from talking to a boy in the dining hall today