Inspired by @mindy 's first book and the chapter on her "sexually liberated friend". Disclaimer: I am one hundo p NOT sexually liberated.
  1. PRO: you can mouth kiss whoever you want, whenever you want
    That's how it works, right?
  2. CON: STDs
    I can't even
  3. PRO: quality stand up material
    Sex is freaking WEIRD and the most I've ever laughed during stand up was when Monica Byer performed at Legends and was telling us about her sexual escapades (one story involved her losing her weave and I almost peed my pants)
  4. CON: you're supposed to shave?
    Not sure about this but according to Fifty Shades of Grey (one of my friends has read, and enjoys, the entire trilogy) it is what's expected in this 21st century
  5. PRO: you can ask for things by offering "sexual favors" in return
    Which Is something I do currently but never actually follow through on
  6. CON: did I mention STDs???
    Seriously THE WORST
  7. PROS: honestly can't think of any more