Study Abroad in Photos

A visual compilation of the places I saw the past semester
  1. Amsterdam, The Netherlands
    Taken from the bench in The Fault In Our Stars
  2. Vienna, Austria
    View from the Schönbrunn gloriette. The most opulent city I have every seen, all of it so beautiful
  3. Prague, Czech Republic
    Pilsner mmmmmmmm
  4. Bratislava, Slovakia
    Very Eastern European, very quaint, very old, very beautiful
  5. Berlin, Germany
    The infamous wall- so powerful. The entire city is like a living, breathing display of its history, it's incredible
  6. Bruges, Belgium
    BIKES!! And the waffles/chocolate/beer ooo- great little town.
  7. Copenhagen, Denmark
    BIKES EVERYWHERE!! And so beautiful
  8. Stockholm, Sweden
    Coolest museums, also tons of bikes, and no one is really that expressive it's interesting
  9. Bergen, Norway
    Solo Spring Break ended in Bergen after a long train ride from Stockholm but it was worth it
  10. Monstraumen Fjords, Norway
    The fjords. FJORDS. Never imagined my eyes would see these but I was in awe. Possibly the most majestic things I've ever seen
  11. Lisbon, Portugal
    Pastel de Nata. Sangria. Toasties. Music. Alfama. Markets. Everything you could ever want. And the sun and the colors and the culture WOW
  12. London, England
    Tourist dreamland, this place is incredible. And everyone here is way too cool for me (+Sherlock, Dr Who, Harry Potter, the KWEEN, One Direction, Adele, everything BBC, etc etc)
  13. Vonyarcvashegy, Hungary
    Lake Balaton is the largest lake on continental Europe and there are so many cute little towns around it. Very beautiful, very peaceful