4/20 amirite
  1. So
  2. Listen.
  3. I did weed
  4. In Amsterdam
  5. It was legal and experimental and I was curious and abroad and wanted full cultural immersion ok
    the Dutch are so cool and Amsterdam in particular just very open and people just do whatever the heck they want
  6. And then we got lost in an area that we had already been in
  7. and then we ate food. So. Much. Food.
    Burgers, fries, filled waffles, etc.
  8. Then got back to the hostel and just laid in bed feeling dizzy and incapable of movement
    Lay? Laid?
  9. And then I puked
  10. I would highly recommend following the instructions that come w edible, mind-altering substances, especially if you've had zero experience w drugs