I have an 8 AM Combinatorics class with the cool Jewish kid in my study abroad program that I really want to be friends with. Today of all days he decided to sit in he chair next to my regular seat and I have so many regrets.
  1. Taken a shower
    I regret not doing this
  2. Maybe use deodorant
    I really regret not doing this
  3. Not worn jeans with running shoes
    Really REALLY regret doing this
  4. Look in the mirror?
    Legitimately haven't showered in a few days and my hair, my skin IDK
  5. Not answer a question out loud in class
    It was the right answer....but I hate most public speaking and when I articulated my proof I may have blacked out just a little bit
  6. Friendshipped a little harder
    I friendship pretty dang hard and when I try to play it cool it's weird bc I don't do casual friendship. Look me in the eyes.
  7. Also, probably should've started my homework for this class before midnight
  8. #friendshippingabroad2k16
  9. To the cool Jewish kid in my Combinatorics class: