1. Phone
    With every. Single. Photo. Video. And snapchat screenshot since October when I last lost my phone SOOO ya
  2. Camelbak water bottle
    Tbh this wasn't a surprise
  3. Two pairs of jeans
    My bike seat destroyed my pants and I ripped two pairs- to be fair, I did exponentially increase my carb and sugar consumption while abroad so it might not all have been the bike. Aaaand
  4. My bike
    Yeah this was all me and no sleep and tequila and I had a really deep connection with it. Lost a mere 24 hours before my phone^^^
  5. Favorite sweater
    My dad's navy blue sweater that reminds me of home and family...this was the worst loss
  6. A little bit of my tolerance for small talk
    The world is SO BIG and so beautiful and there so much to do and see and so many interesting people and there's so little time
  7. Any reservations I had about jumping into something
    Had very few to begin with, I say yes to absolutely EVERYTHING and I used to think it was a bad thing but most of the time it's not
  8. Expectations for people to fit into a certain mold
    The people in my program and that I met during the semester were soooo interesting and so different from what I'm used to. I've gone to Catholic school since 3rd grade and am very sheltered so this was awesome.
  9. Dislike of beer
  10. My weed virginity
    For cultural immersion reasons and then I puked: THAT TIME I DID WEED
  11. A metaphoric piece of my heart