1. Wow friendship is the greatest thing
  2. I like her
  3. Such a homie at the Netherfield ball
  4. And for chatting w Mr. Collins all the time, that weirdo
  5. Wait starting to sense ulterior motive
  6. But there's no way
  7. Sh*it
  8. Oh my gosh
  9. Jane Austen literally told all of Mr. Collins' and Charlotte's courtship and marriage proposal/agreement in two pages
  11. At least she's telling Elizabeth herself
  12. Her explanation is actually emotionless, I think
  13. Does she FEEL??
  14. Ugh, Charlotte, what about LOVE??
  15. She has to be asexual
  16. One hundo P asexual
  17. Which is totally fine, nothing at all wrong with being asexual, live your life
  18. Just want girlfriend to be happy/have a good life
  19. Sometimes I wish I was asexual
  20. Seriously
  21. Okay fast forward she seems to be doing pretty well and is content-maybe even happy?
  22. Ooo yes ooo baby matchmaker matchmaker Elizabeth+Darcy 4evr
  23. Dude, I know this does not apply to the situation the same way that it does in my place and time but you still injured your friendship with w Elizabeth so I'm going to say it: SISTERS BEFORE MISTERS
  24. Glad she got a #shoutout for coming back to The country when Catherine was P*ISSED
  25. (--> end of book) Overall I like Charlotte enough but yeah, definitely asexual