Thrift Store Happiness

Inspired by @brynelle // this list was drafted in July WHOOPS ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  1. Canvas curtain
    For ~crafting~
  2. Checkered fabric
    Also for ~crafting~
  3. These dope glasses
    My dad sarcastically said he liked my "BC glasses" (BC=birth control)
  4. These dope shoes
    Also inspired by @brynelle
  5. A half turtleneck, rib knit sweater
    Exactly what I need in the dead of summer
  6. Classic grandpa sweater
    Also a necesary in the dead of summer
  7. UPDATES (3 months later):
  8. Canvas drop cloth 💯
  9. Grandpa sweater 💯
    That's me and my friend and some ginger that I bought (I am high key in love w ginger)
  10. Glasses 💯 (imo)
    Got the lenses replaced in Chinatown while working in NY
  11. Loafers -💯 (but still love them)
    Have to get them re-soled