because I'm too lazy/afraid to start a blog or submit my ramblings somewhere.
  1. The problem with medium distance relationships (aka relationships between two people that live 2/3 hours apart). This post would mostly be a self indulgent whine fest about my relationship.
  2. Tips for maintaining a strong female friendship despite miles between you. Post would include the power of mail (even if infrequent, there's something magical about seeing your friend's handwriting in your mailbox) and having visits that balance showing off your city while still including down time to discuss JB's new album and/or rape culture.
  3. The importance of being ernest, my personal philosophy on why not being a chill girl is best. Trying hard, caring about things (big or little), and have feelings is cool, brave, and really hard. Non-chill girls deserve a big round of applause.
  4. Why sometimes you just have to wear jeans and sneakers (even if you're in Paris). This post would detail why being practical (especially in matters of dressing) makes so much sense. Basically it would be Patagonia propaganda.