I've never done one before, but I live in LA now so...
  1. Woke up immediately wanting meat. A big, beautiful cheeseburger to be exact.
    Granted, I live across the street from the Oinkster so this is kinda the norm for me.
  2. First half of the day wasn't so bad.
    I'm used to not always eating breakfast, and sometime just going right to lunch. However I always have coffee to keep me going...
    Sweet Jesus. This is painful. I've been having at least 3 coffees a day for the past I don't know how long. My brain hates me right now.
  4. Headache still going strong
    Google just told me that I can keep drinking coffee though. Is this real?! I don't trust them.
  5. Ate some Almonds.
    Couldn't help it.
  6. Remember Dinner?
    Hulu Ads are evil. During the pilot of Wayward Pines I saw ads for Taco Bell, am/pm, Del Taco, Jack in the Box & even McDonald's. And you know what? It all looked DELICIOUS.
  7. Mac & Cheese
    Basically feel like I'm massively hungover, but without the stomach ache. If only I could cure it with a plate full of greasy food. 😭😭😭
  9. Pizza
  10. DAY 3 UPDATE
    Juice cleanses are stupid. I've got pain running through my hips & legs like I'm a 90yr nana. I'm not even hungry anymore, I just want these aches to go away so I can get on with my day.