An explanation for my personality
  1. Maverick
    Why I've always wanted to get good at poker and why being good at stealing seemed like fun
  2. Indiana Jones
    What I compare most exciting things in life to
  3. Static
    I figure I'm bound to fall in love with an older German professor at some point..
  4. Static
    Apparently the reason I love owls?
  5. Pocahontas
    "No I get to be John Smith!"
  6. The Brave Little Toaster
    Probably why I am always seeing faces on inanimate objects and imagining their personalities
  7. Beauty and the Beast
    I grew up thinking I shouldn't have to put effort into my appearance..someone attractive might like me if I show I have a nice personality. False.
  8. The Man From Snowy River
    Inspiration to hone my mad rising skillz
  9. Static
    I honestly don't remember...but now that I see who directed it, should watch it again!
  10. Static
    Pirate phase
  11. Static
    Why danger feels more exciting than scary?
  12. Wallace & Gromit trilogy
    Cheese and crackers 👌🏽These got me started on feeling the need to eat and drink things that match the shows in watching.
  13. Static
    Disney characters traveling through South America...Ecuador included. Interesting.
  14. Titanic
    Spitting...spin dancing...and I can't be on the front of a boat without wanting to do this..