Flavors of the Month

November owns pumpkin and March owns mint. I think each month should have its own signature flavor.
  1. January-Coffee
    The holidays are over. The days are cold and short. You just need some coffee to get you up.
  2. February—Cherry
    It is Valentine's Day. We want something red. Cherry works.
  3. March- Mint
    I think this all started with the Shamrock Shake.
  4. April-Marshmallow
    It's Easter. It is time for Peeps. Let's have marshmallows. I also considered coconut here. It is also Passover time which means coconut macaroons. Of course, eggs work for both holidays.
  5. May-Strawberry
    Some fruits are finally coming into season. I have a friend who was born in May and she says she always got her first strawberries of the year on her birthday.
  6. June-Lemon
    It is Summer and I would like a tall glass of lemonade.
  7. July-Watermellon
    My sister has a 4th of July parade outside her house and she serves watermelon. This is what I associate with July.
  8. August - Corn
    I am going against the grain on this one. The corn in August is spectacular. I would like to see DQ come up with a corn blizzard.
  9. September-Cinnamon
    It is getting cooler. I'd like a little spice and cinnamon takes a back seat to no one. (I'm butchering a Seinfeld quote here.)
  10. October-Caramel Apple
    Some major companies start pushing Pumpkin here, but October needs its own unique flavor. October is Halloween and is known for jack-o-lanterns and caramel apples. Let's put more emphasis on the apples.
  11. November-Pumpkin
  12. December-Egg Nog
    I could have gone with peppermint here, but we are already using mint for March.