I consumed way too much media as a kid which led me to become an amalgamation of many fictional characters.
  1. Hermione Granger
    From her-- obsession with grades, eager pursuit of knowledge, love of books, loyalty to my friends, infatuation with gingers
  2. Liz Lemon
    From her-- dedication to sandwiches and cheese, career-driven, tendency to make up words
  3. Chandler Bing
    From him-- cynicism, sarcasm, unluckiness in love, fondness for the soundtrack of "Annie"
  4. Jessica Darling
    From the series by Megan McCafferty, this character is the most similar character to myself that I've ever encountered. Writer, strongly opinionated, cross-country runner, incredibly sarcastic. Fun fact-- the cover fell off the first book in the series, my mom picked up this book once and put it down because she legitimately thought it was my diary.
  5. Donna Meagle
    Retta's character in Parks and Rec. From her-- ability to tell it like it is, knowledge that it's always a good time to treat yoself
  6. Elaine Benes
    Killer dance moves. High standards-- not everyone is sponge-worthy!
  7. That planner that Hermione gives Harry and Ron in book 5 that sings at you when you miss a deadline
    Like 70% of me is this planner.