Yo I actually love dancing and I think it's the most fun but I dance like Elaine + Chandler Bing. If coordinated dancing still existed in modern society I would have rocked it.
  1. The Elizabethan era
    Intense eye contact, random bowing, and some kind of palm touching. I just feel like all this ambiguity would go nicely with my aloof persona, which would be even more aloof because I'd be being strangled by my corset.
  2. The 50s
    So what, I just watched Grease Live. Why don't people dance like that any more?! It looks like so much fun UGH. Also I could be down with the flowy dresses.
  3. The 20s
    JAZZ AGE. I love jazz A LOT and I think I belong in this era. Would have been great at drinking in secret and tipsily foxtrotting my way through smoky bars.
  4. Hogwarts in the 90s
    The Yule Ball looked like a blast I would waltz with Hagrid any day