1. Be more scared of running alone at night.
    Not sure why I think this is safe or chill. I'll just like take off at 10 PM down Sunset with no worries whatsoever.
  2. Increase alarm when finding small ants around apartment.
    I'm just like yep this is what I paid for and I put down some ant poison. I need to be less apathetic about the area I inhabit.
  3. Be more skeptical of strangers.
    I want everyone to be my best friend. I should be a little more cautious when seeking friendship. People have gotten very good at being superficially authentic in LA. I am learning this slowly and sadly.
  4. Maybe be a little more wary when eating food off the ground.
    I know there's a 5 second rule but see "ants in my apartment" above. I am bad at being a human/might have more in common with Shrek than just an aversion to society.
  5. Be afraid of not speaking up
    This is a bit of a double negative but currently I'm terrified of speaking up, no matter where I am. Among friends, at work, I find myself staying silent which makes me feel awkward and unsure. And when I do, I get caught in a cycle of self-flagellation. I should be more afraid of what could happen if I don't voice my opinion.