1. I'm trying to go an entire day without getting in a car
  2. I spend my days in cars
  3. Driving down the freeway
  4. Even driving the .5 mile to Trader Joe's because it's a car culture here
  5. "Will you validate my parking (and my existence)????"
  6. Driving up treacherous canyon roads
  7. Convinced that I will get killed (or worse, expelled)
  8. By an errant glance to the scenery or a thought deep enough to distract from stoplights
  9. So today I'm walking/Metro-ing/biking, (maybe, depending on where this day goes)
  10. A respite from turn signaling
  11. And holding my breath as I make a left when the light turns red
  12. Because I'm sick of checking my rearview mirror
  13. So I'm excited to look ahead today
  14. Instead of back, left, right, back