Fictional and real, all welcome
  1. Hillary Clinton
    Hill is a Gryffindor. There's definitely an argument for Slytherin here (ambitious, will stop at nothing to achieve her goals), but I think she's a lion at heart.
  2. Bernie Sanders
    This is a classic Cedric Diggory case. Bernie is the Hufflepuff that somehow got picked for the tournament (election) and suddenly everyone is on board for his success.
  3. Barack Obama
    Ravenclaw if I ever saw one.
  4. George W. Bush
    The worst kind of Hufflepuff.
  5. Frank Underwood
    OH MY GOD SLYTHERIN. Even if you don't watch this show, it's obvious. Just look at him. Clearly descended from Malfoys.
  6. Selina Meyer
    Selina is of the GWB Hufflepuff variety. Dan is Slytherin. Amy is Ravenclaw.
  7. Donald Trump
    Sees Hogwarts as an abandoned building with DO NOT ENTER signs because he is a fucking MUGGLE.