What is this emoji for???
  1. I am happy and also I live on the ceiling because my feet have permanent stickiness on them like Spider-Man
  2. I'm trying to diffuse tension in this weird heated text debate about whether hot dogs are sandwiches (they are not)
  3. I was born with a rare condition in which my mouth is on top of my head and my eyes are on the bottom and I am happy that the Emoji people have finally acknowledged my particular minority
  4. I'm doing a headstand and it's not going great but I'm going to pretend everything is chill
  5. I'm on a date and things are weird but he's looking over my shoulder so this is my subtle way of telling you he keeps asking me if I'm actually this pale or if I'm wearing white face makeup and you need to give me an exit strategy ASAP
  6. I don't know what you're talking about but have too much pride to straight up ask so I sent you three of these