1. He updated to the new iOS 9.1 and it screwed up his phone so he can't send or receive messages.
  2. He's been tricked into a Freaky Friday-type scenario and now Jamie Lee Curtis has his phone.
  3. He went on vacation and he doesn't have good cell service.
  4. He went on vacation and has great cell service, but he wants to dedicate his full attention to his family. He's super tight with his mom.
  5. He forgot.
  6. He's at a big dinner where everyone had to put their phones on the table and whoever picks theirs up first has to pay for the whole check.
  7. He lost his phone.
  8. He lost his memory.
  9. He lost a thumb.
  10. He totally thought he texted you because he typed out a text but then tapped send really lightly so the text never actually sent.
  11. He crashed his car and texting you is obviously the last thing on his mind right now, even if you are probably soul mates because he has to deal with insurance and the police and stuff.
  12. He's so into you that it scares him.
  13. He's not into you and you scare him.