8 funny pics of my 3 German shepherds

  1. Dog pic 1
    This is rinnie sporting a nice MIZZOU hat while taking a little nap
  2. Dog pic 2
    This is aida sporting a 90s way of wearing a hat also sporting MIZZOU
  3. Dog pic 3
    Aida sporting a lovely tutu. She's trying to be a lion
  4. Dog pic 4
    This is rinnie trying to muff out the haters with her purple earmuffs
  5. Dog pic 5
    This is rinnie sleepy after a nice day of skiing
  6. Dog pic 6
    This is kon wearing his very own paw crafted basket hat
  7. Dog pic 7
    This is kon right before science class . Gotta protect those eyeballs
  8. Dog pic 8
    This is aida studying hard for her college classes