I met my goal of reading 52 books this past year. These are the standouts. (I know this list is super late--couldn't be helped.)
  1. The Murder at the Vicarage by the Great A.C.
    My second time reading it. Didn't remember much about it. Has a quaint feel to it. Perfect cozy to read all snug in bed.
  2. Pines by Blake Crouch
    This book was so entertaining! A bizarre mystery; suspenseful, creepy, with some good action.
  3. Peril at End House by the Great A.C.
    My second time reading it. It's funny, I didn't even like this book the first time I read it and now I it's one of my favorites. Young me was stupid sometimes.
  4. The Swimming Pool by Mary Roberts Rinehart
    My first Rinehart read and I like her a lot. Can't wait to read more from her.
  5. Wayward by Blake Crouch
    The second in the series and it did not disappoint!
  6. Florida Roadkill by Tim Dorsey
    This was funny and irreverent and sometimes shocking. I loved it. So glad there's so many in the series--these are gonna be fun!
  7. Lord Edgware Dies by the Great A.C.
    Kicking myself that I didn't figure this one out. Classic Christie
  8. The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie by Alan Bradley
    I'm so glad I started this series! I love Flavia De Luce. Some find her unlikable; I find her delightful.
  9. The Last Town by Blake Crouch
    The last book in the series (for now). This whole series is fantastic! I wish he would write more!
  10. The Couple Next Door by Shari Lepena
    Wasn't sure how good a book about a missing baby would be but this was a page-turner. It never dragged and it kept me guessing til the end. (I was half right)
  11. The Kind Worth Killing by Peter Swanson
    This was one of the best thrillers I've read...ever? It reminded me of Gone Girl with it's cleverness and twists but it had even more of both. This should so be made into a movie.
  12. An English Murder by Cyril Hare
    A murder set at Christmastime. I loved the style of writing. It was written in 1951 and some of the dialogue was pretty frank for the time which made it very entertaining and refreshing. Now I want to read a Christmas murder mystery every year.
  13. A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens
    My first time reading this classic. Dickens' descriptions were so vivid, I could really picture it. And there were details I never saw in any of the movie versions.
  14. Honorable Mention:
  15. Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins
    Not as good as Gone Girl (b/c the comparisons have been made) but definitely a good mystery.
  16. Why Shoot a Butler? by Georgette Heyer
    First half was blah, second half was great. I wish she had written a series for the detective in this b/c he was so witty and likeable, I really wanted to read more of him.
  17. The Sittaford Mystery by the Great A.C.
    I liked this better the second time around. Always liked the ending though--very clever.
  18. Close to Shore: The Terrifying Shark Attacks of 1916 by Michael Capuzzo
    Such an interesting read. I love reading about life in different time periods.
  19. Still Life by Louise Penny
    I really like Detective Gamache and look forward to reading more in the series. I thought the ending/solution was a little weak.
  20. Cameron and the Girls by Edward Averett
    Interesting insight into the mental illness schizophreniform disorder
  21. 14 by Peter Clines
    I had my husband read this book too and it's funny b/c I liked all the weird, quirky things they were finding and the investigation aspect leading up to the "answer" but once I knew what it was I was kinda disappointed (I wasn't expecting something soo sci-fi-y and too much disbelief had to be suspended, for me anyway.) He on the other hand was totally bored w/ the investigation side of it but really enjoyed the ending. Go figure.
  22. In Cold Blood by Truman Capote
    I am so torn over this book. Yes it's well written. Yes it was meticulously researched (mostly by Harper Lee). But having seen the movies Capote and Infamous and now having read the book and knowing exactly what happened to this family I'm really disgusted with Capote for being infatuated with one of the killers. What a weird little fuck. Plus, after the murders take place, he seems to lose focus a bit. The story meanders as he delves into unnecessary detail.
  23. A Fatal Grace by Louise Penny
    Second in the series and still can't make it out of honorable mention. It was enjoyable enough but not great. There are many books in the series however and I'm confident I'll get to a great one.