Snippets from conversation
  1. Assholes in Stereo
    This is just what it's like living in my house sometimes. I know you guys can relate.
  2. Everything's About Travis
  3. Lemme Look
  4. The Black Banana
    The entrance to the mall that's right down the street from us has one of those signs that lists the stores (of interest) but it's the kind at ground level, not the kind that's high up on a pole. And it has these metal things that jut out on the sides that basically give it shelves. (Sign designers, don't tempt ppl.) Well one day there was a yellow banana on the shelf. And there it stayed. We always looked out for it. We saw it thru all it's stages of decomposition til it was black and flat.
  5. Saturday Vibes
    Oh yeah
  6. The Bald Guy and the Aussie
  7. The Lizard Nest
  8. It Started with a Squirrel
    Me and my husband were driving down a neighborhood street and there was a squirrel in the middle of the road chowing down on a flattened black mass of something and he freaked out a tiny bit and said 'Ewwww that squirrel's eating a squirrel!' It took me a second to figure it out but I said 'No that's a crushed black walnut. Wouldn't it be funny if that's how the zombie apocalypse started?....' If I see this in a movie, I want my cut!
  9. Maniacal Charm
    Going by a park, spotted a little boy all himself, behind a tree, far away from the rest of the kids, with the most devious look on his face. He was definitely plotting something, but he was cute too.
  10. The Balmy Egg
    Don't eat it!
  11. Just Around the Bend
    Said for like 7 bends b/c my husband obviously didn't know how far away this place was