1. I joined Goodreads last year but didn't start entering their giveaways for free books until a couple months ago.
    I didn't even know they existed. I didn't start getting notifications for giveaways until then.
  2. In that time I've probably entered a few dozen giveaways.
    Basically every single one that pops up
  3. Now I've never won anything before. Like ever.
  4. But that's probably because other than Publishers Clearinghouse, I've never entered anything before either.
    Those mailings got real old real quick. Those guys are wasting all kinds of trees over there. I had to get the hell outta that.
  5. But then! I get an email telling me I won Fireman by Joe Hill!
    Stephen King's son y'all
  6. I was so thrilled! Like super-duper!
  7. And today it came!
  8. Can you tell I'm excited?