Picture-worthy things I see while walking my dogs

These are gonna be mostly flowers
  1. I never see peonies in this color! Ooooo pretty
  2. Sunlight thru trees-oooooo
  3. Roses--classic
  4. The huge branch that crashed down on the exact spot we had been 10 seconds earlier.
  5. Beani is mildly interested
  6. Bella is oblivious to our close call
  7. This is the color of peonies I'm used to seeing. But this one's in my yard so I'm proud of it.
  8. Check out the height on that conehead!
  9. A baby bluejay learning to fly! The parents were near by and very unhappy we were so close
  10. When we walked back by he had made his way onto a branch. YAY!
  11. Does anyone know the name of this flower? I love it. Like a shabby chic flower.---I found out these are called Monarda or Bee Balm!
  12. So used to seeing the pink coneheads; this shade is gorgeous
  13. Don't know what this is either but I like it
  14. What a pretty lily
  15. These little libraries are all over my neighborhood but this one is particularly cute b/c they made it look like the Dr Who TARDIS.
  16. This guy up the street from me does these amazing sculptures from huge blocks of wood
  17. They're all over his yard
  18. This one's my favorite
  19. Says it all
  20. You know it's hot when Beani's panting. She's African
  21. We were walking for so long and were so hot. And then a miracle! A pool truck was emptying it's water in a parking lot. We had to take advantage.
  22. Bellaboo is a trooper
  23. The tiniest flower I've ever seen. I could fit 5 on my fingernail
  24. Cute lil shabby flower
  25. I love how high the middle is
  26. Bella's favorite thing to do
  27. Dew drops add so much
  28. I don't know what this flower is but it's one of my faves
  29. Oooooo, gorgeous hibiscus
  30. I don't know what this is either but I love it. It's very tall.
  31. Flight of the bumblebee
  32. Crape Myrtle
  33. Beautiful shade of hydrangea
  34. Someone is leaving these around the neighborhood
  35. His mouth is a toothbrush
  36. Cute little critters
  37. Her eye is a bottle cap
  38. Buds are beautiful too
  39. Misty Morning
  40. This is her "I just got yelled at" face
  41. Cool fungus!
  42. Love this lady
  43. I just love hibiscus
  44. Love the curly petals
  45. Love the center thingies. They're like little flowers within a flower.
  46. Perfectly timed and totally accidental
  47. Hydrangea cousin?
  48. This is Bear. His mom says he's afraid of dogs but he always lets me pet him.
  49. Was up early enough to catch the sunrise