And I can stop trying b/c she will never change.
  1. I asked my parents to watch my dogs for me. I can't remember now where I went that needed them watched, but it was for a few days.
  2. Now I know how my mom is (she thinks I'm a dirtball (think pigpen from Peanuts)) so I washed my dogs' beds before I took them over there.
    She used to call her sister after visiting my house to tell her how messy my house is and how dirty I live (and this is back when I still ran around like a crazy person cleaning up before she got here). I'm no Martha Stewart, but I'm no where near as bad as she makes me out, as this list will demonstrate.
  3. That was literally the last thing I did before I left the house. I took the beds out of the dryer and went over there.
  4. This was my attempt to put a marble on the side of the scale that's "clean me" since she has a shitton of bricks on the other side that's clearly "dirty me".
  5. So I drop them off and I'm on my merry way. (I really wish I could remember where I went)
  6. When I return to pick them up she says "You're dog beds were filthy so I washed them for you."
  7. BITCH!
    She used the word FILTHY! They were right out of the wash!!!!!!!
  8. I was floored
    Giphy downsized medium
  9. And upset and disappointed. That I went to the trouble of specifically washing them in an attempt to not appear so dirty in her eyes and it was all for naught.
  10. And then a light bulb came on
  11. For whatever reason, she views me thru this grimy lense and nothing I do is going to change that. This has more to do with her than me.
    I am positive this goes back to her own upbringing. She was the oldest of three kids and the least favorite and her parents made sure she knew it.
  12. It was actually liberating.
  13. Now I don't straighten up or pick up the floor before she comes over.
    What's the point?
  14. And I had *really* clean dog beds for a while.