The Rabbit Hole I Went Down Today

  1. It started with my husband showing me this picture on his phone and asking the simple question, Chihuahua or blueberry muffin?
  2. I was so enamored with it I wanted it on my own phone so I googled it
  3. And what came up kept me busy for quite some time.......
  4. Labradoodle or fried chicken?
  5. Sloth or chocolate croissant?
  6. Pug or loaf of bread?
  7. Shrew or kiwi?
  8. Doggie or bagel?
  9. Shar-pei or croissant?
  10. Doggie butt or bread?
  11. Dalmatian or ice cream?
  12. Komondor or mop?
    Now I know what this dog is called
  13. Shiba Inu or roasted marshmallow?
  14. Kitten or ice cream?
  16. Shar-pei or ice cream?
    Shar-peis look like a lot of things
  17. Owl or apple?
  18. Parrot or guacamole?
  19. Giraffe or tortilla?
  20. Duckling or plantain?
    Ok, I didn't really care for this one
  21. Trump or raw chicken?
    Who'd a thunk Trump is closer to the color of raw chicken than tangerine